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Google Analytics Gadget

Google Releases Analytics gadget for iGoogle

Today Google announced the release of the Official Google Analytics iGoogle Gadget in their first of 3 posts containing holiday gifts. This first “gift” is a treat for webmasters using Google Analytics (Google’s website stats service) and iGoogle (Google’s personalized homepage).   (more…) More Reading:

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Skype to Make Up for Outage

Skype had a major outage, leaving a lot of customers unable to make video or voice calls. The outage lasted for 30 hours and the company has yet to say what caused it, but it has denied the possibility of a malware attack. Having dissatisfied customers is the last thing Skype wants right now especially […]

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Swype Beta Open Again For A Limited Time, Get Your Copy Now

Once again, Swype has opened their otherwise “exclusive” doors and for a short window you can pick up your copy of the Android software touch-slide-keyboard.  If you haven’t tried Swype, you should.  It is quite possibly the greatest thing to come to mobile phones since Android itself.  Sure, there are some wannabe clones in the […]

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image.png Is Being Shut Down By Yahoo

Earlier this week Yahoo trimmed it’s workforce laying off roughly 600 employees.  Following the layoffs are more changes, and it seems Yahoo doesn’t know what to do with itself so they’re taking a cut-n-run approach.  The Delicious social bookmarking site will be closing in the next few months, followed by other Yahoo services. (more…)

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Google Voice Now Available On The iPod And iPad

When the official Google Voice app was released for the iPhone it was also met with waves of angry iPod and iPad users that were blocked from downloading it.  Now Google has finished developing an iPod and iPad compliant version, and it just hit the app store yesterday.  Finally, Google Voice users on the iPod […]

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Hacked! Gnosis Claims Responsibility for Gawker/Lifehacker Data Breach

Today, Lifehacker and Gawker confirmed the rumors that have been circulating since Saturday afternoon: a hacker group known as Gnosis has breached Gawker’s servers, harvesting over 200,000 usernames, emails and passwords along with, according to the torrent file posted on PirateBay “an additional million or so easily decryptable” usernames and passwords. Lifehacker and the rest […]

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The Nexus S– Google’s Next “Superphone”

When Google first launched the Nexus One they dubbed it a “superphone.”  It wasn’t long after that more bigger, faster devices rolled of the press and the term “superphone” was short lived.  Now Google has brought out their next phone in the line, the Nexus S.  It isn’t a huge improvement over the Nexus One, […]

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