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Nexus One – Google’s Smartphone Debut [groovyNews]

Tuesday morning Google unveiled it’s highly anticipated SmartPhone, the Nexus One.  It was just a matter of time before Google entered into the cell phone hardware domain if you consider all of their core mobile software development.  In a technical sense, the hardware is manufactured by HTC, but Google is the brains of the operation […]

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Yelp Backs Out of Google Acquisition [groovyNews]

It’s not every day a small company CEO walks away from $550 million dollars, but over the weekend Jeremy Stoppleman did just that.  Google had been in negotiations with Yelp to acquire the review site, and the deal was nearly ready for signature before the deal soured.  With this going sideways, Google won’t gain the […]

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Week End Grab Bag and Q&A Highlights 12/12/09

Over the past week we’ve received lot of questions from readers.  While some questions were heavy hitters and needed an entire article to explain, we also received many questions that could be answered more simply.  This week’s Grab Bag were going to answer some of these simpler questions as well as highlight some of the […]

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Google Cracks Down On Comment Spammers

Has your website or blog ever been a victim of comment spam?  We’ve all seen them – Spammers and bots running through websites leaving as many flooded back-links as they possibly can to send people to their site and increase their page rank. Google recently posted on their blog explaining that they are not unaware […]

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Google Webmaster Tools Malware Details

Google Wages War on Cyber Terror!

Last month Google announced the launch of a new feature added to the Google Webmaster Tools. This feature provides Webmasters with assistance in identifying Malicious code on their sites that has been detected by Google’s automated scanners while crawling their site.   According to a new post by Google on Tuesday, Google has further enhanced […]

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1080p Comes To YouTube

Home video camera’s have really come a long way over the past few years.  So much in fact, that Google is adding 1080p HD support to YouTube.  While it’s true YouTube is already bloated with an outdated layout and slow 720p support, I suspect updates for that will be coming up quickly out of pure […]

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Windows 7 Sales Go Big, What A Whopper!

You don’t have to eat through 7 patties of beef to understand that Windows 7 is a big deal.  Microsoft’s flagship product went on sale October 22nd and blew away its predecessor Vista.  The actual difference is a staggering 234% increase over Vista, according to NPD Group’s market research. (more…)

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Free Windows 7 eBook – Planning and Deployment

Microsoft has released a Free Windows 7 eBook/Magazine based on Resource Kit and Technet magazines covering topics on Planning for and Deploying Windows 7.  It also touches on App Compat and common issues – so you as an IT tech should be aware.   I just started turning the pages, and so far, it’s a […]

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Google Announces Revenue Sharing on YouTube

Well, that’s nice!  🙂 Today Google Announced they will begin inviting individuals with popular videos into their YouTube PartnerShip Program (YPP.)  Now when you upload a video to Youtube, and it becomes popular, Google will invite you to monetize the video and start earning cash from the advertising place in and around the video.  Here’s […]

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