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firefox 4

Firefox 4 to “kick ass” in February

Mozilla is working towards a February release of Firefox 4, the latest version of the world’s most popular open-source browser and a note to developers, that Damon Sicore, Mozilla’s senior director of platform engineering encourages them to work hard on addressing bugs. And that’s because the new version, as he has put it, will “kick […]

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apple app store

Microsoft Won’t Let Apple Copyright “App Store”

Here’s a funny one (for some), Microsoft is asking the US Trademark & Patent Office to reject Apple’s claim to copyright the term “App Store”.  Among the reasons quoted is the fact that the name is a generic one and that, basically, any store that sells software could be called that.  For some reason, the […]

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Google Chrome News - Google Removing h.264 support from Chrome

Google Is Removing H.264 Support For Chrome

Yesterday Google announced that they will be removing H.264 support in for Chrome in the near future.  What’s the alternative? “Open source” says Google.  If you’re not up and up on the video encoding scene, H.264 might just look like a block of numbers, and why would Google want to go open source?  We’ll explain […]

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Just Don’t Be Late, Do The Google Science Fair

I remember back when I was in school, every year the science fair would roll by and my class would walk through the aisles as the nerdy kids would attempt to impress us with bendable bones, exploding volcanoes, and sometimes stuff that was just plain weird.  Then again, we never had an innovative sponsor for […]

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Android Gingerbread

Android Market has the fastest growth in 2010

A report by app store analytics company Distimo has revealed some interesting results, which, in my opinion, only show that Android is the most dynamic mobile OS at the moment. Although the iPhone still commands the lead for Apps available in the Apple Apps Store, the Android Market experienced the largest percentage increase in 2010. […]

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New iPad 2 coming soon. Very soon…

Now that CES is over, everyone is waiting for a serious announcement from Apple, and according to Digg founder Kevin Rose, quoting a “good authority”, the announcement is coming very soon. The same source says that it will have front and back cameras, as well as a retina display, but another source told Rose that […]

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Skype Offers Group Video Conferencing to Businesses

Skype has done a lot of interesting things lately. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is the availability of voice chat for its iPhone app, which indeed opens new possibilities for people using the app on their mobile device which is a direct competitor to the much touted iPhone Facetime feature.  The company’s […]

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Google Update - Google Docs now supports Videos!

Google Adds Video Playback Support To Google Docs

If you have a video that you’d like to share with friends, but you don’t like the idea of it being on YouTube, Google Docs might now be a groovy alternative.  Yesterday Google updated their Docs site to support video playback of video files that you’ve uploaded to the service, and it comes with multiple […]

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Amazon Android

Amazon Launches Android App Store

Amazon has announced its own Android app store, called the Amazon App Store development portal. Apart from the pompous name, this could change quite a few things for Android apps developers, as they can make some serious money with Amazon’s marketing skills involved. Why am I saying this? Well, first of all, because Apple-style apps […]

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Nvidia’s Launches New 3D Content Website

Nvidia has recently launched a website that’s dedicated to 3D images and videos, probably just to contradict people saying that there is no content for 3D equipment. Well, now there’s a bit more! 🙂 The website is called 3D Vision Live and it features quite a bit of content that can be enjoyed if you […]

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Dynamic Pricing: Use Chrome, Pay Less

A few weeks ago, I heard a very interesting piece on NPR’s On The Media about dynamic pricing. OTM interviewed Slate contributor Annie Lowrey, who summarized her earlier pre-holiday article about tactics used by online retailers to charge different customers different prices for the same products. This has nothing to do with varying regional taxes […]

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