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Ouya Microconsole Sells Out at Amazon and GameStop, Some Kickstarter Backers Still Waiting


The Ouya, an open-source Android-based game console, has sold out at retailers such as Amazon and GameStop. The game system was a huge Kickstarter success, and received record-breaking funding. However, some of the folks who initially believed in it, funded it and essentially bet their money on a console that didn’t yet exist, are becoming increasingly impatient.

Retailing at only $99, the Ouya has been a success at retail so far. However, it’s not nearly as powerful of a machine as Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One and Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4. However, according to website CNET, the system’s architecture makes it possible to easily port games to Ouya from mobile devices. However, despite being a console, the games will look like those on mobile. That’s the price of low-cost console gaming.

As for those people who backed the Ouya from the start, and are still waiting for their units, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman updated the console’s Kickstarter page (via GamesBeat), and apologized for this delay.

“I am pissed,” she said. Angry that those backers have not received their Ouya, “and, to you, I apologize.” She promised that all backers would receive their Ouya before it arrived at retail. It was a promise she couldn’t keep.

Backers are angry, too. Obviously. One wrote saying that they have been waiting for Ouya to come clean with this news. “We feel you have treated us badly. You kept silent while many of us complained. Your support system failed us.”

While it’s apparent that many of the backers are upset because they haven’t received their Ouya, it seems that more of their anger comes from the fact that Ouya failed to keep them updated on the status of their systems. The fact that they haven’t received these things only furthers their anger and frustration with the company.

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