How-To Update Introduces Advanced Rules

This week Microsoft announced a new set of features as part of the latest update of its web based email service which is great for power users.

A new set of new features was announced by Microsoft this week as part of the latest update of its email service, the most important of them being complex email rules for power users.

Advanced Rules

According to a post on the Office Blogs, the new Advanced Rules will help you sort your email automatically in a more efficient way. Namely, you will be able to set very specific rules about what happens when a certain type of message arrives to your inbox.

As seen in Microsoft’s screenshot below you can to set conditions (a message older than a set amount of time, from a particular contact) and an action (categorize as Important). You can combine them whichever way you want, so that your inbox just keeps itself organized. Advanced-Rules

The feature, just like the other ones in the update, will roll out in the coming weeks; they haven’t done so on my account yet, but hopefully it will happen soon.

Another feature being added is an Undo feature. Clicking the dedicated button or using the key combination Ctrl + Z will undo your last action. This is helpful if you delete the wrong email or mark something as junk — something we’ve all done by mistake.

Of course these features have long been included in Outlook desktop clients, and now making their way to web mail.


In-line reply has also been added, this feature is explained as the following:

With in-line reply, you can directly respond to an email thread without launching a new view. In-line reply can help you save time, and track your conversations more easily.

As more desktop client features like these are added to, it really makes it a viable alternative than Outlook that’s part of the Office suite. And the cool thing you can do is pin to the Taskbar and use it like a desktop program.

Microsoft’s is a new and fresh interface that’s easy to use compared to the current state of Gmail. If you want to make the switch from Gmail, Microsoft makes that process extremely easy.

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