Nokia Shares Going Down

If you judge the success of a company by its share price, Nokia’s having a bit of a problem. The company’s shares dropped to below $2.00 on Friday last week.

If you judge the success of a company by its share price, Nokia’s having a bit of a problem. The company’s shares dropped to below $2.00 on Friday.

Nokia stocks down

The company’s shares were traded at $1.92 on Friday, which is the lowest figure Nokia’s had since April 1996.

Forbes says this happened for “no obvious new reason”, since Nokia’s been struggling lately to succeed with Windows Phone smartphones in a market that’s dominated by Android and Apple’s iPhone. Still, no major change or announcement, that could have led to this, has happened in the last few days.

The company has not posted quarterly details yet (the next earnings announcement will be on July 19), and it hasn’t made any significant policy modification.

There’s rumors floating around about Samsung and Microsoft being interested in buying Nokia. Why would any of the two companies do that? Well, Nokia’s patent portfolio would be one serious weapon in the patent wars that’s being fought these days — remember the Google – Motorola deal?

I’m thinking that as Windows Phone market share grows, Nokia will start doing better. Will it be doing well enough to keep up with the Android Apple smartphones? Well, that remains to be seen.

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1 Comment

  1. chewbie

    July 9, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    I recently gone from Android to WP. I must say the OS is here to stay imho. I’ve been contemplating on buying Nokia shares. I’ll wait for their quarterly earnings results though in 19th Jul for the price to really go down seeing how there’s been a ton of ads on TV for Lumia lately on TV I’m certaing they spent a lot of capital on that and the bad news will contribute to even lower prices.

    The main reason why Nokia’s share price is so low is something known as ‘the Osborne effect’ in the business world. If You announce an upcoming product, one that is to replace the old product, shoppers will prefer to wait. Unfortunately for Nokia people are not buying Meego/symbian because they know it’s dead and they’re not buying Lumia because they’re waiting for WP8.

    All in all I find WP a lot smoother than android. They can pull off better graphics and lagless environments without the gigs of ram and quad cores which says something about the platform. Also Win8 apps will be easily transferable to Wp8 which is guaranteed to boost the 100k app number currently up for the platform. I’m certain that Nokia’s HW making know-how and flare for design will make it one of the biggest players once more. Samsung’s plasticy bits and HTC’s overly asian looks make their devices a little out of touch for the western public imo. We’ll see.

    In the meantime I miss a lot of apps I used to have but I love how smooth the browsing is and how quickly I can get things done with my WinPhone

    O zi buna d-le Bogdan!

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