Netflix: The Walking Dead

Netflix Inc. appears like the walking dead to lots of customers and one million or so customers who’ve bailed on the entertainment service of late.

Netflix in July changed pricing, spun out its DVD service in September into a new division and lost customer goodwill and market value in the bargain. Its stock is down 50 percent at this writing, Netflix needs exciting new content to breathe life into it, especially now that competitors from TV and Cable are introducing services to lure unhappy Netflixsters.

So this week’s Netflix agreement with Discovery Communications to bring the AMC cult-favorite zombie show, “The Walking Dead,” to its service is fitting. And key.

In its first move ever to make instantly streamable full TV shows for Netflix, the team will also bring such pop TV shows as “Man vs. Wild” and “River Monsters” to the streaming service, execs said. It’s a two-year dealer and limited to United States subscribers only.

The financial terms will be disclosed soon by the two public companies.

The deal looks like a great effort by Discovery and Netflix. Discovery gets to monetize a hunk of its programming. Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network — Discovery holds a 50 percent ownership there — is notably missing.

How will it work for Netflix customers? A search bar will allow you to just type Discovery Communications to see TV episodes Discovery roles out to the instant streaming service. Stay tuned.

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