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Motorola Launches Razr i Smartphone with Intel Inside

Motorola has launched a very special smartphone today, called the Razr i. And it’s special because it’s powered by an Intel processor — the company’s first.

This isn’t the first smartphone to feature an Intel CPU. The Lenovo K800, announced at CES 2012 was the first one and a few others have been launched since. But it’s the Google owned company’s first. Depending on its success, we can expect more Intel-powered phones as the company seems to be taking the smartphone market seriously.

The Razr i form factor is like its brother the Razr M but inside there’s a single core 2.0 GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM. Intel and Motorola are promising that the battery will last for 20 hours — although that remains to be seen in real world use.

Jim Wicks, Motorola Mobility’s head of design, has even made an iPhone remark saying that the battery is 40% more powerful than the one in the iPhone 4S. he also added that the camera launches in less than a second.

It also features HSPA+, but no LTE. The DailyTech reported that the XMM6260 baseband processor only supports HSPA+.

The new smartphone runs Android 4.0 ICS but a Jelly Bean update is set to follow.

The smartphone will be available starting this October on a few markets – France, UK, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. No word on a US launch yet.

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