Microsoft to Completely Remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10 in July

You can manually remove Adobe Flash from your Windows 10 PC now. But Microsoft will make sure the component is removed from your PC in July.

Microsoft today announced in an update to its blog post that the now-defunct (and no longer supported) Adobe Flash will be fully removed from Windows 10 in July. Flash was a constant annoyance for Windows and Mac users and had to constantly be patched. Last year Microsoft released KB4577586 as an optional update so users could manually remove it. That update also prevents Flash from being reinstalled.

Note: If you don’t want to wait for the update to come to your computer, check out our articles on how to remove Flash today:

Microsoft Removing Adobe Flash this July

Microsoft notes that it is getting ready to remove the Adobe Flash component this summer. This will make sure that everyone will have the vulnerable and security-ridden component removed whether they manually do it or not.

“Microsoft will remove the Flash component from Windows through the KB4577586,” an update to the blog post notes. Here is the full post about Flash and Windows 10:

To help keep our customers secure, Microsoft will remove the Flash component from Windows through the KB4577586 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player”.

  • Starting in June 2021, the KB4577586 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player” will be included in the Preview Update for Windows 10, version 1809 and above platforms. It will also be included in every subsequent Latest Cumulative Update.
  • As of July 2021, the KB4577586 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player” will be included in the Latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10, versions 1607 and Windows 10, version 1507. The KB will also be included in the Monthly Rollup and the Security Only Update for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Embedded 8 Standard.

Additionally, please note that when you update to Windows 10, version 21H1 or later, Flash will be removed. More information on Windows 10, version 21H1 is available here.

It’s also worth noting that if your system is still running Windows 8.1 you’ll receive this update, too. Or you can manually download it from the update catalog.

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