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Microsoft Surface Gets Cameo on Primetime TV

Steve Ballmer did tell us we’d see Windows 8 and Surface tablets everywhere. And with a $1 Billion+ marketing budget, Microsoft can make that happen. Earlier this week, the Surface made a cameo appearance on the CBS Primetime TV show NCIS: Los Angeles.

It’s some pretty obvious product placement, and you get to see and hear the already worn out and tired tablet to keyboard “click”. If you don’t know about the “click” take a look at the first Surface TV ad that ran a few weeks ago.

The scene also shows off the tablet’s kickstand, logging in with Touch Gestures, and one incredible Los Angeles electrical grid app that you won’t find in the Windows Store. Perhaps the character isn’t running the RT version Watch the clip below to see the “Hollywood” version of the Surface.

After watching it, what do you think…lame or groovy? Leave a comment and let us know!

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One Response to Microsoft Surface Gets Cameo on Primetime TV

  1. Bogdan Bele November 1, 2012 at 12:24 am #

    Looks ok until he takes out the keyboard. Who the hell carries a keyboard in their pocket? It was strange enough that he had the tablet on him, but let’s say I can accept that 🙂

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