Microsoft Surface Ad Debuted on National TV

The first Microsoft Surface ad debuted on national television last night. You can watch it here without suffering through crappy dancing TV shows!

The first Microsoft Surface ad was televised ronight. While I didn’t see it – I’m a cord cutter and rarely watch TV – it’s now up on YouTube for all to enjoy. According to reports, Microsoft is spending over $1 Billion in marketing for its new devices and services. You can bet tech pundits will be having a field day with this and all new Surface and Windows 8 ads that come out in the next few weeks.

Personally, I think this ad is rather funny since Steven Sinofsky first debuted the Surface earlier this year. He seemed to make a big deal about how the keyboard “clicks” to the tablet. What’s your take? Are you excited for the Microsoft Surface launch?



  1. Steve Krause

    VERY excited about the new product. I think Microsoft has something with the surface. However……. whatever Ad firm they hired for that commercial, they need to fire. Wow, just a really bad Ad. School girls dancing in Tartan skirts? Ouch…

    • Brian Burgess

      Yeah! That was the first thing I cringed at…sup with that?

      • Austin Krause

        I actually preferred the first introduction video:

        It looked like they hired out Marmalade studios to do it, which does some freaking awesome videography:

        • Brian Burgess

          Oh yeah dude. The first introduction video was super cool. But this one…argh. I’ve watched it several times and keep over analyzing it! Perhaps it will fire up the average user who may not even know that MS is launching the Surface.

    • Austin Krause

      Oh god, it’s like a Sims 4 commercial gone wrong..

  2. Don Ebberts

    Apple uses ads for their product that shows them as super productive but they are lies, there is no way Siri works like they show on their commercials. Microsoft uses ads that are just stupid and avoid showing anything that their new product would be good for. It does have a cover that clicks, whoa!

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