Windows 10 Preview Build 16288 for PC and Mobile Build 15250 Now Available (Updated)

Microsoft today rolled out Windows 10 Build 16288 for PC and Mobile Build 15250 to Insiders in the Fast ring.


Microsoft today rolled out Windows 10 Build 16288 to Insiders in the Fast ring. This new build comes 11 days after it rolled out Insider Build 16281 to kick the month off. There is also a new release for Windows Phone for testers in the Fast ring with Windows 10 Mobile Build 15250.

New builds for Insiders in the Fast ring were delayed last week while the team fixed a blocking issue. Dona Sarkar made the announcement about the development issue last week via Twitter.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16288

Just like all of the recent Insider releases for PC, the Fall Creators Update, set to be released October 17th, is in the stabilization phase and there are no new features to report. But this one does include several bug fixes and improvements to Microsoft Edge, Windows Shell, Gaming, Device and Input improvements.

Also, after installing this build you will notice that the watermark that’s usually in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop is gone. And you will see the OS says it’s version 1709 but don’t believe the hype. “This is NOT the final build as we’re not done yet.” Writes Dona Sarkar in the announcement, “We’re just now beginning the phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release. So, we will have more builds to release to Windows Insiders between now and then. And the desktop watermark may re-appear in these builds.”

Here are the general improvements and fixes in this build. Make sure to check out the full changelog for further details on what’s been improved with Edge, Input, and Windows Shell.

  • We fixed an issue where Settings could crash if a Bluetooth device was turned off while the Bluetooth settings page was open.
  • We fixed an issue from recent flights resulting in some Insiders experiencing an issue where Store apps would begin to fail to activate after being launched a few times.
  • We fixed an issue where if the lock screen slideshow was set to a OneDrive folder containing offline-only images, these pictures would all be downloaded to the PC while the PC was locked (going through each picture). These pictures will now be skipped.
  • If you’ve encountered an issue where Spotlight appears stuck on a particular image, we’ve added logic such that it should now reset after at most 7 days.

Update 9/13/17: If you are having problems getting this build to install you’re not alone. When you attempt to get the build, it begins initializing for a few seconds and then see the message below and it doesn’t matter how many times you hit the Retry button.

Windows 10 Build 16288 Retry Message

There is apparently “an issue” but the Microsoft Insider team is aware of it. The Insider team tweeted the following:

Then the team sent out the following tweet as an update saying it’s fixed and things should be available soon.

Well, it’s 3:00 AM CST where I live and I am still not able to get this update downloaded to one of my computers. Are you able to get this build? Let us know in the comments.

Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 15250

If you are still rocking Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft also released a new build for it today and it does include some new security focused features. One is a two-factor authentication mechanism to unlock your phone. There are also improvements to AppLocker and VPN capabilities.


We’re just a few weeks away from the final release of this new Windows 10 feature update. Are you looking forward to upgrading to the new version, or not so much? Also, are you still testing and using Windows 10 Mobile or given up on it? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sherri

    September 14, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Brian!
    So excited I stumbled across your email posts recently allowing me to receive regular updates from you. I enjoy the info that you share, especially when it involves WIN 10 mobile information.
    I’m still hanging on w/my Lumia phone hoping MS will let us know at some point on what their plans might be. Last year I wasn’t too concerned about their lack of Apps but this year has brought different feelings as many retailers are now requiring phone apps to take advantage of sales and special offers – so I’m left out in the cold. (i.e. Gas Buddy, ChickFil-et, etc) I’m giving MS till Jan 2018 to let us know if they are going to decide if they stay, or if they go, in the phone biz!!
    Sherri – Dallas/Ft Worth TX

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