Microsoft Office Finally Released for iPad

Office on iPad has been requested for a long time, and the time is now. This week Microsoft unveiled that the popular office suite will now be available for iPad users.

This combination has been requested for a long time, but the time is now. This week Microsoft said on its Office blog post that the popular office suite of programs will now be available for iPad users. While you could always use Office on iOS devices, even without a 365 subscription via (formerly Office Web Apps) this option should be a lot more welcomed iPad owners who work in a Microsoft environment.


There are a few caveats however – aren’t there always? You can download, read, view, and present documents…But without an Office 365 subscription you can not do any editing. To the home user this isn’t probably a big deal, but in corporations where iPads are deployed regularly, it should help with productivity. To make things a bit easier, Microsoft is allows first time users a free 30-day trial of Office 365.

Setting it up couldn’t be easier. I launched Excel and logged in with my Microsoft Account and everything from my OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) was there at the ready.


I was using it on my iPad Mini with Retina and was pleased with how fluid everything moves and it’s quite easy to use – Although I don’t have the 365 subscription. So, I would love to hear from those folks.

One thing I believed Microsoft was doing with this move of giving the apps away free is to avoid the 30% Apple store free. So Microsoft gets huge distribution of its products avoid the Apple fee, and gets its users to pay them for the full feature set.

What is your take on Microsoft Office now being on iOS? Leave a comment and let us know!

For more, check out Microsoft video below:

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