Microsoft Launches New Revamped MSN for Preview

Microsoft announced a new revamped MSN over the weekend, and you can check it out now. The company says it’s built with more emphasis on mobile and cloud.

Microsoft announced a new revamped MSN over the weekend, and you can check it out now. The company says it rebuilt MSN from the ground up and is focusing on the current evolving technology of Mobile and cloud.

Of course the Internet Explorer home page is set to by default, and while users in the U.S. use other browser alternatives like Chrome, Firefox and even Opera, that’s not the case everywhere in the world. Chanced are that when you’re at work, MSN is the default page in Internet Explorer.

For years has provided a wealth of news on entertainment, current events, and sports and it gets a lot of eyeballs. According to Microsoft, the new MSN is going to focus more on News, Sports, Money, Food & Drink and more. Microsoft is porting its successful Bing app from Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.

New Microsoft MSN

To give the new MSN a spin, head to and sign in with your Microsoft account. You’ll find a cleaner and easier to navigate page. At the top it provides you with easy access to all Microsoft services like Outlook, online version of Office, Skype and others. it also give you access to the biggest two social networks out there, Facebook and Twitter.

MSN Top Categories Microsoft

You can customize your page by going to Settings > Customize the Page and add topics you’re interested in, or uncheck the ones you’re not.

Customize MSN

Click the MSN dropdown menu at the top left side to get a list of categories.

MSN categories

Select the one you’re interested in, and it opens to what looks similar to the Bing apps right on the page.

MSN Weather

If you’re following your favorite NFL team and players, and other sports, you’ll love the Sports section on the page. It has game results, upcoming team schedules, current news and injuries…there is just a lot on of information on this new site.

MSN Sports

It also looks and acts great on mobile devices, everything on the site acts similar to a regular app you download.

Windows Phone 8.1 MSN Page

Also, when you customize your page once, it syncs with all devices and browsers, that you sign in to with your Microsoft account credentials.

There’s too many new features and categories to cover in one article, but if you would like to know more about the new MSN, check out Microsoft’s About MSN page. But the best way is dive right in and start customizing it.

What’s your take on the new MSN? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim Castille

    October 12, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    From what I’ve seen I can’t add links to my favorite sites, can’t customize sports with my favorite teams, add local content such as weather movies restaurants etc. I don’t like it and am looking for an alternative.

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