Microsoft Makes Sharing Items from OneDrive Easier

Microsoft today announced that it’s making the sharing experience in easier. The new option on the web version of OneDrive now gives you the two most popular options for sharing right up front. Here’s a look.

Easier Sharing Experience with

Microsoft explains why the change was made on its OneDrive blog:

Previously, when you clicked “Share,” we presented you with the option to either “Invite people” or “Get a link.” The majority of people just wanted to get a link, but that wasn’t the default choice. When you selected “Get a link,” we also offered a number of ways to customize that link and restrict access. This resulted in a lot of confusion and broken links, and most of these options were used less than 0.01% of the time.

The new experience provides the two most popular options right up front. To try it out, right-click the OneDrive icon in the Taskbar and select View Online.

1 view online

Then navigate to the item you want to share and then click the Share button on the top toolbar.

2 share Onedrive

Then you’ll be presented with a dialog box that provides the two most popular options for sharing. Either getting a link or sending as an email attachment.

Get a link of Email

But what if you want more sharing options, like posting a photo on social media? No worries, the option is still there. Just select Get a Link and at the bottom of the dialog screen you’ll see an option to click More.

That provides you with a list of different services (including email) that you can share you photo or document. It’s also worth noting that each option still allows you to control the permissions of who can make edits to the files and folders.

4 share on social

This isn’t a significant change to OneDrive, but as we all know, it’s the little things. Microsoft says “As expected, the new dialog helped people more successfully share files, and resulted in more people sharing more stuff more often.”

Of course, this applies to the web version of OneDrive only, and not the apps. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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