Microsoft Makes Switching from Gmail to Much Easier

Microsoft announced that it’s making moving from Gmail to its email a lot easier. It uses a new web tool that connects securely with OAuth.

Microsoft announced that it’s making the process of moving from Gmail to its an easier process. We took a look at how to add Gmail to over a year ago, Microsoft has revamped the process, making it more streamlined. Here’s a look at how the process has become much easier.

Import Gmail into

Create a new account or log in to your existing one and go to Inbox > Options > Import Email Accounts. Or to get there easily, just click this link to start up the import wizard.

If you’re new to and not familiar with the interface, here’s the step-by-step:

Click Settings (Gear Icon) and then More Mail Settings. Mail Options

Then under the Managing Your Account section, click Import Email Accounts.

Import Email

On the next screen click Google.


That will start the import wizard. Clicking on options will allow you to choose to import email into existing folders, or import mail in to new ones. The default setting should be fine for most people.

import wizard

After clicking the Start button, you’ll need to authorize the online app to access your Google Account.

Allow Microsoft Permission

That’s it! You’ll get a message that Microsoft is importing the data from the Gmail account you’re currently logged in to.

Set Up

Things to Keep in Mind When Importing Gmail to

Remember that the Gmail (messages and contacts) that’s imported to your account will be from the Google account you’re logged in to at the time. This can get a bit confusing is you have multiple Gmail accounts – especially a Google Apps business account.

You can check the progress of the importing from your inbox. Remember, if you have a ton of mail and contacts, it’s going to take a long time. If that is the case, you might want to set this up to run over the night or weekend.

Importing Progress

One glaring omission is this tool lacks the ability to import Google Calendar events, hopefully that is something the team in Redmond is working on though.

You’ll also receive the following instructions on how to have all of your future Gmail forwarded to your account:

    1. Sign in to Gmail and in separate browser windows.
    2. Open Forwarding and POP/IMAP in Gmail settings by clicking here.
    3. Click Add a forwarding address and type in “”.
    4. Click Next and proceed. Gmail will send a confirmation to your inbox.
    5. In your inbox, open the confirmation email. You’ll find the confirmation code.
    6. Go back to Gmail settings, enter the confirmation code and click Verify.
    7. Click Forward a copy of incoming mail to and choose “”.
    8. Click Save Changes.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ken

    January 8, 2014 at 11:04 am

    I would switch over in a minute (I love outlook interface and SkyDrive integration with everything) except for one immediate shortcoming.

    I have my own family domain (ex. and my name is ken. So my email address is So I tried to setup my own domain in outlook and log in. When I login I have to key in the whole email address and then the password which is a real pain.

    With gmail and my own domain I just go to the link and type in “ken” as the user name and my password. I do not have to type in the whole email address. As soon as I tested the family out with outlook and they had to type in their whole email address each time logging in they totally demanded to be back on gmail.

    When I go to gmail knows I am on my domain so I only have to key in the prefix to the domain. really slick and time saving.

    So until I can get this functionality in outlook my family won’t have it….

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