Microsoft Rolls Out Major Windows 8 App Updates for Travel, Maps, News, Sports and Finance

On the heels of recent updates to Windows 8 / RT built-in apps, Microsoft has now released updates for its Finance, Sports, News, Maps, and Travel apps.

Recently Microsoft released major updates for its Mail, Calendar, and People apps. Then shortly after, Xbox Music received a big update. Now on the heels of those, Microsoft continues to improve its native apps at a surprisingly rapid pace.

This time, the apps getting a major update are Finance, Sports, News, Maps, and Travel.

Windows 8 RT App Updates

Some of the notable updates are walking and nearby categories to Maps, customizing RSS feeds in News, more in-depth coverage of leagues in the Sports app, personal finance tools in the Finance app, and Favorite and Nearby categories in the Travel app.


If you don’t see the updates on your Windows 8 or Windows RT system, check out my article on how to update Windows Store Apps.

You can find out more at the Windows Experience Blog.

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