Microsoft Adding Price Comparison Feature to Edge and More

Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft is adding a new price comparison tool to Edge along with other overall improvements to the browser.

Microsoft is adding a price comparison feature to the Edge browser. This move comes just in time for the holidays. It is also introducing a useful screenshot tool that will let you capture an entire webpage. The price comparison tool comes as part of its Collections bookmarking service. Also coming to Edge is integration between Collections and Pinterest, improved PDF support, and an update to its Teleparty extension for streaming TV shows with friends.

In addition, you can now start free video meeting with your friends and family right from the browser through integration with Microsoft’s Meet Now service. The company is adding a Meet Now button to the New Tab Page that allows anyone to create a video conference room using Skype and invite friends and family all without needing a Skype account.

The new price comparison feature works across different retailers while shopping online inside Edge. While shopping you can create a list of products inside a collection. Then you can hit the “Compare price to other retailers” button to see a comparison of prices. The blog post notes: “When you click “compare price to other retailers,” you’ll see a list of prices of that item across other retailers along with direct links to the pages so that you can quickly complete your purchase.”

The company is also updating the New Tab Page with customization options. Including the ability to set your own photo as a background for the New Tab Page. “Starting this month you can now easily upload your favorite photo to the new tab page in Microsoft Edge. Maybe it’s a picture of your last trip to the beach to help you find your Zen, your cat dressed up as an elf, or an awkward family photo from last week. Go for it, it’s all up to you.”

Back on the shopping front, the team is also launching its Bing Rebates cashback program. Microsoft has joined up with Expedia, Walgreens, Walmart, Nvidia, and others for the program. Microsoft exec Liat Ben-Zur writes: “Getting Bing Rebates on your purchases is easy. All you have to do is sign in to Microsoft Rewards, search for a product like you normally would, and click on a search result with a cashback offer.”

A lot of new features are coming to Edge soon. Some will be in a beta testing phase until they are rolled out more broadly for every Edge user.

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