Microsoft Celebrates 8-bit Day with a Homepage Easter Egg

Microsoft is having some fun today and created an Easter Egg on its homepage. The celebration of 8-bit day is also the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo.


Microsoft Homepage 8-bit Fun

Simply head to and type the following sequence on your keyboard:

Up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, B, A

That sequence is actually the way you could access a lot of different Easter Eggs in games on the old-school Nintendo controller.

After using the sequence, you’ll see the 8-bit Ninja-Cat riding a T-rex and a coin slot. You will also see virtual quarters at the bottom of the page.

8-bit coin slot

Simply drag them to the coin slot and you will have access to some more fun stuff.


It’s probable that Microsoft will only allow this for today, so if you want to try it out, head there now and have a bit of Sunday fun!

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  1. Hmm.. Is this an April Fool’s Day in October ’cause I can’t get it to work no matter what I do? Is someone playing funny business here at GP or are my weary reflexes just too slow for this sort of shenanigans? Me thinks the latter. Now where are my spectacles?

  2. DJ  

    The center of the universe is the USA so make sure you use (instead of the country it defaults too, outside the USA)

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