Kim Dotcom offering 10,000 Euro Reward to the First Hacker to Break Through Mega’s Security 10,000 hacking bounty

Kim Dotcom is waving around some cash infront of hackers who might have enough skill to break his new site’s encryption, how long do you think it will last?

Mega, the New Zealand based file hosting site created by Kim Dotcom (the guy who made the old MegaUpload, which was shut down by the feds) has proclaimed itself “The Privacy Company.” In order for privacy to be maintained, security must be able to keep out snoopers. Following recent criticism from multiple sources, Mega updated its system with new security measures.

Now that Mega has the media’s attention, Kim Dotcom has issued a worldwide challenge to hackers everywhere. He is paying out €10,000  (~$13,500) to the first person to break’s open encryption.

kim dotcom mega bounty

Do you have the hacking skills to make some bank on Kim Dotcom’s dime? We don’t have any further details yet, as Mega has yet to publish the corresponding blog post, but we’ll keep you posted if someone takes the bounty.

Update: just published a blog post with the details of its Vulnerability Program with rules and exceptions.

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