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Say Goodbye to Meebo Products

The first effects of the Google-buys-Meebo transaction can already be seen, probably quicker than anybody had expected. Meebo’s most important products are getting switched off.


When I wrote about the transaction, I reported Google wants to use the Meebo team on Google Plus. Also that it would integrate its instant messaging services in some way.

The second part will probably be done at some point, but fact is that, sooner than everybody would have thought, Google has decided to kill most of Meebo’s products. According to a post on the Meebo support pages, most of the company’s important products will be shut down.

You have a month to get your data from the Meebo servers. Meebo Messenger, sharing, MeeboMe and its mobile apps will be discontinued by July 11th of this year.

There is a page that allows you to get your chat logs for the Messenger, as well as the mobile apps which you can find here.

To download your share history from Meebo, you can do so by clicking the link that appears on top of the page after you log in to Meebo.

get meebo share history

The post also mentions that, if you use the MeeboMe widgets, they will stop working, but you’ll have to remove the code from your site yourself.

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