Latest Superman Man of Steel Trailer Released [Poll]

The latest Superman “Man of Steel” trailer just dropped on YouTube. What’s your excitement level? Hit or Flop?

The latest Trailer for the Superman saga reboot, “Man of Steel,” just dropped on YouTube. It’s quite the fresh new look at the early life of Superman with an all-new story that feels a little darker and edgy than previous stories.

So for those of you counting down the days to the release on June 14th, here’s the latest Trailer:

So with this new flick on the way, tell us what your favorite Superman movie is? Do you prefer the classics or the latest 2006 version?

Personally…I still prefer the original 1978 original, but that’s just me.



  1. Brian Burgess

    Superman II is the one I like best.

    • Steve Krause

      Bah! Superman, the original. I guess I just prefer to see his early life although I have to admit, they jumped forward quite a bit in the Original from Late teen to thirties… This latest “Man of Steel” appears to possibly have more focus on the early pre-superman life…. Will see.

  2. Brian Burgess

    Well, I’ve never read the comics and watching Superman II was the first one I remember going to the theater to see. It was a big deal when i was a kid

  3. Rafael

    All I know is I can not wait for this one to come out,
    Im sure it will top them all!!

    But the original has always been my favorite

  4. Rafael

    Ive probably watched 2 hours of this trailer already!
    Nolan, Snyder, how can you not be excited

  5. ShockerSH

    personally I also liked Superman II. The battles with General Zod, Superman losing his power etc.

    Great film.

    Superman Returns was lame. They didn’t give us any data on the STORY. Lame…..

  6. kay krause

    Well discovered $5.00 movies on Tuesday, say previews of Superman – I paid to see STAR TRACK like Spock, Kirk on their latest adventure into space latest Superman, Robut and too dark and spooky I voted for the original one on your panel survey…Give me the good old boys. ,

  7. Ron White

    Face it. The early Superman movies were pussies.

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