Remember Myspace? Justin Timberlake is Bringing it Back

Previously Myspace was filled with annoying animated Gifs, atrocious user hacked HTML code and tons of SPAM. It’s back with a new design and features..

MySpace, the popular social networking site before Facebook and Twitter took over, is being re-launched with the help of pop star and investor Justin Timberlake. The makeover is being touted as a complete redesign from scratch, and you can sign up now to get access to the revamped service.

Toward the end of Myspace’s social networking reign years ago, it was the “go-to” site for musicians to create a quick page to promote their music and promote gigs. Even after being lost in the shadow of Facebook, it has remained popular among musicians. True to those roots, it will continue to that trend and connect artists with their fans.

New MySpace Sign up

If you remember, Myspace was filled with tons of annoying animated Gifs, atrocious user-designed HTML code, and enormous amounts of SPAM. The new service looks modern and more sophisticated than it was before. It seems to have borrowed many design characteristics of the new Windows 8 (Metro) interface. But it’s still going to be a desktop web app, with no mention of anything on the mobile front. Is the new design, being backed by Justin Timberlake and improved artist promotion tools enough to revive it? Do we really need another social networking and music discovery site? Whether this strategy will work or not remains to be seen.



  1. Bogdan Bele

    Just can’t wait! Not! :)

    • Brian Burgess

      I used to use Myspace a lot back in the day. It was fun to discover new bands and I put my band’s music up and some of my home recordings. But then it got far too spammy and slow. Then of course Facebook came…not that it’s good for finding music though.
      I have been getting into SoundCloud a lot more lately for finding new music actually. Also, MOG, Pandora, Spotify…etc. Which leads me to wonder if Myspace can reinvent itself as something that’s already being done by so many other services…I will try it out though…who knows?

    • Steve Krause

      Hey… it’s doesn’t look that bad. Looks pretty good actually. Will have to wait and see what it looks like. Stranger things have happened!

  2. Sara Kammerer

    @disqus_8H4zdmnIVx:disqus I remember you teaching me all things “MySpace” back in the day. It truly was an amazing place to discover new music & you’re right- Facebook, not so much. It’d be Sa-WEET if JT can really pull this off & make MySpace a hit again! p.s. It’s been a longgg time- u should call/text/email sometime & we should catch up! I recently moved back to Fargo & had to laugh as I came across a bunch of your stuff I didn’t even remember having as I was packing… & then, just days later, I happen to stumble upon you on PINTEREST of all places- LoL! The Universe was talking to me so I thought she best not be ignored ;) Hit me up if the mood strikes ya. If not- well, I hope you are happy & doing well. Take Care, Sara

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