Just speak to Amazon Alexa to Buy Tons of Products

With Amazon Echo and Alexa, you have always been able to purchase basic things like paper towel or toilet paper. However, last week the company added the ability to buy a lot more (millions of products) just by speaking to it. This applies to all three Echo devices as well as the Fire TV.


One of the caveats is you need to be an Amazon Prime member and the items you order will have to be eligible for Prime. So you could just say something like “Alexa, order me an Apple iPhone 6S” and it should arrive in two days.

Or order coffee or one of the millions of Amazon Prime items. I think the best way to use this is to have the site open on your phone or PC then just holler at Alexa.

However, the company did say that anything ordered through the Echo (Alexa) will qualify for free returns. However, there is no word of the price change refunds, sorry folks; that ship has sailed.

Remember that the Amazon Prime Day mega sale is coming up on July 12th, and you might find yourself talking to the smart speaker a lot that day.

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