Jimmy Fallon Takes on Instagram Video

Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon recently talked Instagram’s video recording feature. He makes fun of people not used recording 15 seconds compared to Vine’s 6.

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon recently talked Instagram’s new video recording capabilities. As many of you may know by now, Instagram added a new feature that allows for users to capture video. We took a closer look at it last week.

While many welcome the feature, some of us just feel more used to Vine. It was first with the short videos, and it did something right. I don’t really know what, but whatever it did, it just works, and it’s fun.

Fallon takes that approach, talking about the extra nine seconds you have with Instagram. Vine gives you six, and for some reason, it feels like enough. It’s just fun to make short videos that tell a story sometimes. Those 15 seconds Instagram gives us feel long. No one says we have to fill those several seconds, but it just doesn’t flow as well as a Vine video. Fallon’s joke features several folks using Vine and awkwardly waiting as they aren’t totally used to the longer recording duration. The fun starts at about 2:35:

We went into a discussion about this very thing on the TechGroove podcast.

Speaking of funny takes on Instagram, who can forget this classic College Humor video poking fun at users of the service.



  1. Steve Krause

    Love the instagram bit at 2:35. Nice ;)

  2. Doug McTighe

    Great article! Enjoy the continual jabs at Instragram.

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