iPad (3rd Generation) A Look at Apple Fans Around the World

It begins! The new Apple iPad has gone on sale in retail locations around the world. Here’ a collection of videos showing the typical high turn out for a major Apple product release. Even Steve Wozniak — Apple co-founder waits in line.

If you weren’t able to pre-order the new iPad from the Apple website when it was announced, you’ll need to get it from a retail location today. Lines are beginning to form – in fact they have been forming over the past couple of days. The new iPad goes on sale today in 10 countries.

If you’re not in line now, chances are you won’t get the new tablet. Currently on Apple’s website if you order one now, it won’t be delivered for 2-3 weeks.

Here’s a few videos of the coverage going on with the new iPad (3rd Generation) Frenzy.

Starting with Apple co-founder — Steve Wozniak as he waits in line — via Associated Press.

Here’s coverage of the iPad release in from UK’s The Telegraph. It covers the lines and store openings in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.

Kristina Warren from Mashable reports from the line in the Best Buy in Union Square in NY.

What is your take? I’d like to hear if any of you were able to pre-order your new iPad and receive it today. Or were any of you in line today? How did you make out?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian Burgess

    I have not gotten mine yet and I live in the sticks. So, there isn’t a retail store near me. I will wait for a while until the craziness dies down and order a refurbished one. I have gotten my iPad 1 and iPad 2 as refurbs.
    They are Apple Certified, same one year warranty and usually $50 cheaper.

    My iPad 2 is fine for my needs right now anyway. What I am really looking forward to is iOS 6 — whenever that comes. Of course, I should have my 3rd Generation iPad by that point anyway…but who knows with Apple anymore :-)

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