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No More iCloud Email Push in Germany

Remember when Google announced it was buying Motorola? I said the wealth of patents Motorola has under its belt would allow the search engine giant to fight back at Apple’s lawsuits? The lawsuits directed towards Google’s partners. Well, Motorola just got an interesting victory in Germany.


Apple users will have to set their devices to sync e-mail periodically or manually, because, until Apple appeals to the injunction ruling,  it can’t offer push e-mail delivery for iCloud and MobileMe users.

Apple has already posted a guide on its website (it applies, of course, just to users in Germany), teaching users how to set their device to download new e-mails at regular intervals.

The guide states that “Apple believes Motorola’s patent is invalid and is appealing the decision”, but until that happens, people situated between German borders will have to just go along with it.

Patent expert Florian Mueller, quoted by Reuters, has said that Apple got an enforcement letter from Motorola, asking it to comply with the injunction. He also added that the patent is one that’s been around since the time of pagers.

What do you guys think? How long will this patent war go on and where will it go next?

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