groovyPost Weekly for October, 29th 2011

This week has been a busy one here at groovyPost with iOS 5 How Tos leading the race. Privacy is high on the list this week with both Google and Facebook coming up on our readers’ radar.

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We start off with a how to on upgrading your iOS device to version 5 – from within Windows. Brian Burgess takes us through the process.

iOS 5

Once you’ve upgraded your iOS device to version 5, Try out some of the new features – one includes the ability to set reminders based upon your location – great for picking up groceries on your way home or remembering to drop off a letter at the post office. Steve Krause takes us through the process.

iOS 5 Location

On the privacy front, there’s still a lot of interest in how to permanently remove your profile from Facebook. Many people are concerned about this. I understand why. Although it seems like Facebook has been around forever –  there are still people struggling with Facebook data retention policies. See the comments on Steve Krause’s article for recent updates.

Delete Facebook

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Google is providing tools for you to download all of your information from their services. Brian Burgess runs through the process of using Google’s Takeout.


Also, make sure to check out our groovyCasts.

X3 With John C. Dvorak


Tech Garage with Gina Smith and Mat Lee

Tech Garage Logo

Attack of the Androids with Mat Lee and Friends


Another week of groovy content from the team here at groovyPost. Have a great weekend! Until next week – stay groovy!

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1 Comment

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    Nice job on the wrapup, Joey. I really find this useful. Thank you. miker

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