Google+ Adds Games (Without Forcing You to Ignore an Onslaught of Annoying Game Requests!)


Just recently Google released a free online in-browser games feature to their rapidly growing Google+ social network. In just a few days titles like “Edge World”, “Diamond Rush” and “Dragons of Atlantis” have been played thousands of times by thousands of people. To kick things off, Google also made a YouTube video advertising the new G+ feature in classic Google style:

The Google+ project: Explore Games


In addition to the titles you saw in the video, you will also get to play Angry Birds as well (that is, if you haven’t gotten bored from playing the Google Chrome Web Store version). Google says there are more titles on the way and that they will be far better than any other competitor out there.



As for integration, it’s no surprise that Google has done an amazing job at integrating the games into their social network without a flaw. The integration is without a doubt many times better than Facebook. That’s because Google+ makes it easy to separate your game activity—and the gaming activity of others—from your normal streams. Not interested even the slightest bit interested in games on Google+? Then ignore them completely. You’ll never get unsolicited emails from random friends for random meaningless game requests.

With that being said, Google+ games are still socially aware. You can boast on your high scores and play multiplayer games with friends or strangers with absolute ease.

But in the end, will little flash games make Google+ a better place? Is Google REALLY taking a step in the right direction? We have yet to see. Share your opinion with us in the comments below and tell us whether you like the Google+ games or not.

(Google+ is rolling out gradually. When you have it available, you’ll see a Games button at the top of your stream.)

Google+ Games rollout

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