Google Takeout Now Exports Google+ and Blogger Data

Google Takeout has become even more useful by allowing users to export Google+ and Blogger data to their computers. This is perfect if you live in Google and want backups of your data.

Google Takeout Data Liberation

If you don’t already know, Google Takeout is an awesome service which allows you to export data from different Google services you’re using with your account. And it just got better. It already lets you export and back up Gmail, Google Drive, Picasa photos, Reader, Google Voice, and a lot more. Google has now added the ability to download your Google+ and Blogger data too.

Data from your Blogger account will be offered as XML files, while your Google+ stream comes in html files of your posts. Your Google+ circles are exported as vCard files.

If you’ve decided you want to permanently delete your Google account or if you just think it’s safer to have a copy of all the data in it on your computer, here’s how to use Google Takeout.

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