Google Project Glass Parody Video

The Google Project Glass has been the hot topic in the tech world recently. While the futuristic glasses have the potential of being the next big thing, here’s a funny parody of how the glasses might actually work.

Google’s Project Glass was announced recently and it’s been in the news a lot recently. There’s a lot of excitement about the project, and speculation on how well it will work too.

Here’s an amusing look at how the glasses could actually work via Tom Scott.

Here’s the official video Google is presenting on the concept behind the high tech glasses. Find out more about the project here.

What is your opinion on these futuristic glasses?



  1. ShockerSH

    That is awesome. Can’t want to see more of this kind of thing hehehe

  2. Brian Burgess

    @ShockerSH It is pretty funny huh? I think when he runs into the guy is the funniest part.

  3. Bob Eckert

    Brain, that parody of Tom’s was hysterical, so much could be added to it but
    he gets the point across beautifully especially the unsolicited Carpet Warehouse
    ad. You just KNOW that Google would have ads and there are hundreds of other
    annoyances that could be introduced. I hope Tom has some time to add to it.
    We have to letter Google KNOW how NOT to do the project, because with their
    money and resources, this product -will- come about and probably sooner than
    we would like. Imagine driving with these glasses, even more spectacular and
    tragic accidents along with cell phones.

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