Sell Your Privacy to Google for $25!

Got nothing to hide? Want to share everything you do on the internet with Google? Does $25 for sharing the sites you visit and how you use them sound like a good deal? If the answer is yes, you can sign up for Google’s Screenwise project.

But not at the moment, as Google is “overwhelmed by the interest”. If you do sign up, in exchange for sharing your data with Google, you’ll get up to $25 in Amazon gift certificates. You get the first certificate when you sign up and install the browser extension (for Google Chrome, of course) used to collect data, then one every three months you’re part of the program (up to $25).

And, in the small print says, Google doesn’t say what will happen to this compensation or whether it will continue after the first 12 months, depending on the results of the research.

You’d think nobody would share their information for such a small amount, but, considering the fact that subscriptions are closed, think again. There must be a lot of people out there that don’t care about their privacy and are willing to give it up, as long as they get something in return.

According to TG Daily, the purpose is to monitor all internet usage in the household. This is done via a router which monitors all of these devices. The router, called “The Screenwise Data Collector”, is offered for free.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. And, if you’re planning to be part of this, I’m sure sign ups will reopen sooner rather than later.

While you wait, you might want to protect your Firefox passwords with a Master Password.



  1. Amy  

    Well, they’re just taking a lot of that info anyway, so maybe people figure they might as well get something in return. But for now I would like to maintain my illusions more than I would like anything from Amazon that cost $25.

    • Bogdan Bele  

      Without that you at least get the illusion that Google doesn’t know everything about you. :)

  2. jimmy gambino  

    How about signing up getting the first certificate and not using chrome at all, I wonder if they force you to use that router before you get any gifts. I guess that if you do use the router they can still see where you go, so you can hook that router up to a separate clan with a computer that is hardly used, then you can mess with google by just using that network to browse porn sites. It would be fun to try to get something from google without actually handing over your privacy. Sounds like a research project.

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