Google Has Integrated Zagat and Google+ Friend Reviews Into Google Maps Search Results

Google is bringing local results to Google Plus. With this comes Zagat rating integration to local maps and search.

Google just took another small step towards local search, but a giant leap for Zagat reviews. Late late month Google launched a new Local tab that shows reviews for nearby shops and restaurants. This comes as no surprise, Google has been looking for a way to integrate Zagat into it’s services since acquiring it last September.

The new local tab shows up on the left-side of the Google+ interface.

google+ local

Google+ will automatically bring up local recommendations based on your geo-location determined area. For the most part, only Zagat rated shops will show up. But, if someone from your friends list has written a review it will show up there as well.
local google plus results

google plus restaraunt review

If you aren’t familiar with Zagat ratings, they work on a scale from 0 to 30. The best restaurants will be closest to 30. It’s interesting to note that Zagat usually doesn’t even bother rating places that would be lower than 15 on its scale.

zagat ratings

These local ratings aren’t just on Google+. You’ll also see them on Google Maps and regular Search.

zagat rated google maps

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