Google Releases Google Plus Pages for Business and Groups

Google has officially released Google+ for companies called (drum roll) Google+ Pages. Google+ chief Vic Gundotra made the announcement yesterday and new Google+ pages are popping up as businesses create their own pages.

Feel free to follow the new groovyPost Google+ Page then take a look at the video which outlines a featured company page Vic mentions in his announcement.

If you’re familiar with Facebook Pages, Google+ pages operate in a very similar fashion. We will cover the details later with in-depth coverage and how to galleries so stay tuned.

Direct Connect

Along with the introduced of Google+ pages, Vic introduced a feature I wasn’t planning for called Direct Connect. Direct connect allows you to interact with pages straight from Google search (your favorite soda brand, for example).

Here’s how it works. When you want to interact with a certain brand (band, artist etc.), you just type + followed by the page name into the Google search box. This will pull the search from the Google+ page vs. the entire internet.

Can you also automatically add Google+ pages to your circles from Google Search, by adding + in front of the name of the page you want to find. You’ll be asked whether you want to connect with pages that way from then on, and if you approve, you’ll be subscribed to updates from that page.

Not all of the Direct Connect features are available yet per Vic’s blog post however over the next several days as more and more sites create their Google+ Page you can expect the feature to hit production.

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