Google+ Now Available For All Google Apps Accounts, Pending Administrator Approval

Google just announced that its social network, Google+, is now allowing Google Apps users to register. However, don’t expect to see it the next time you log in. And even so, it could be better to wait a little longer before setting up your Apps account on it.

Google Apps receives Google+ Service

One of the most requested services for Apps customers is finally available, Google+.  The Google apps flavor of the service is packing the same features as normal, but it also incorporates sharing on an organizational level.

By default the service will be disabled for domains, but administrators can manually enabled it from the Apps domain control panel.   However, convincing domains, businesses, or organizations to enable this service might seem a daunting after looking over several pages of fine print attached.

Google+ domain sharing via Google Apps

At present, there is no easy way to transfer data between  a regular Google+ profile over to a new Google Apps one.  Google does have a new transfer tool baking in the oven, but there is no estimate for release. With that in mind it still might be better for current Google+ users to wait, rather than creating duplicate profiles or manually migrating their data.

All of the Google+ fine print after the break:

imageYour users can interact and share content with others outside your organization

    • Your users can create Google Profiles that are publicly visible to anyone on the web.
    • Your users can share content with Google+ users outside your organization or make content publicly visible to anyone.
    • You can enable Google+ for all users or just specific users.

Your users must meet our age requirements to use Google+

    • Your users must meet our age requirements to use Google+. If the minimum age restrictions are not met, the user’s entire Google Account will be suspended.

Your users must use their common names in Google+

    • If users create content that’s publicly accessible, they are subject to Google’s common name policy for Google+.

Your users can export or transfer their Google+ data

    • Users can export or transfer their Google+ data (including their profile, circles, streams, contacts, and photos), using services such as Google Takeout. Users can export this data at any time, even if Google+ is disabled for their accounts.

Users can’t create or edit their Google+ data when the service is disabled

    • If you disable Google+ for any users, they won’t be able to create or edit their Google+ data. However, their profiles and posts will still be visible to those who have access. To delete this data, users can downgrade their account.

Legal notice: Customer is solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations

    • Legal notice: By turning on Google+, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer is solely responsible for complying with all laws and regulations that might be applicable to Customer’s provision of Google+ to Customer’s end users, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
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