Google+ Allows Pseudonyms Starting Today – Here’s How

A lot of Google+ users were complaining about the “real name policy” on the social network – Google+ wouldn’t allow its users the use of another name than their real one. Starting today, users will be able to add a nickname to their profile, but the real name policy stays. Let’s take a look.

google plus real names

According to this post by Google Plus Product VP Bradley Horowitz, Google has decided to adjust the naming policy on the service just a bit. You’ll be able to add nicknames, maiden names, or names in another script, along with your real name.

Here’s how to add one of these to your profile. Just remember that if you change your name on Google+, it will also be changed on all of the other Google services you use.

First, sign in to your profile. You can find it at Then, click Edit Profile.

google plus edit profile

Then, scroll down to Other Names, click the text field, type your nickname, maiden name or name in Chinese then click Save. You can also choose whether the name you’re entering will be public or shown only to certain people (extended circles, your circles, only you or custom).

Now, scroll up and click Done Editing. That’s it!

google plus done editing nickname

Now, don’t think this means the real name policy is going anywhere. If you don’t believe me, just check out the Google Plus Names Policy page. It clearly states that you need to use your common name and that Google can challenge your identity, which you could be asked to prove.

I don’t think it’s as bad a policy as some people do, but that’s my opinion and everybody is entitled to one…

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