Google Goes Minimalist with its Advanced Search Features

Google likes to keep things simple, so why not have a search page that works for both mobile and desktop users? The latest design brings in minimalism with only a few adjustments.

It isn’t every day that I visit and don’t know where to click. Over the past month Google has been experimenting with a new layout for its search results page. If you’re a user that enjoys the tabs along the left-sidebar, you can kiss it goodbye, because it’s gone for good. The tabs are sticking around, as are the advanced search features -– just with a new location on the page. They haven’t moved very far though. In the new layout you’ll find all of the old options directly between the search box and the search results.

Google announced that this new design will first roll out to users of the .com (U.S.) Google search domain, and others should be getting it as soon as possible.

Previous Google Layout:

google old layout

Current New Google Layout:

google new layout

The search tools in the new layout might be a little trickier to find, but according to Google they work much better on mobile. I gave the new site a spin using a Kindle Fire HD, and a Samsung Galaxy SII. As advertised, the site does work quite well on mobile.

past week

Although the new design got rid of the sidebar options, currently there is nothing to fill its space. The new tabs are also in a location that previously wasn’t utilized.

advanced search toolseasier to manage

More screen space is now utilized, and vertical viewing isn’t sacrificed at all to make it happen. I like the new layout after using it for a while, but it certainly took some getting used to. The question is, what do you think Google will do with all of its extra sidebar space? More ads?

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