Play Virtual Skee Ball with Your Smartphone and Computer with Google’s Rollit

Google launched a new game called Rollit as part of Chrome Experiments. It works with the Chrome browser on your computer, and turns your smartphone into a controller.

If you’re looking for a new way to waste time at work or home, Google launched an interesting virtual skee ball game yesterday called Rollit. It works with Chrome on your computer and connects with your smartphone browser.

Play Google’s Rollit

Update: This project is no longer available. If you go to the website, you will get information about the Chrome browser.

To play, you’ll need to use Google Chrome and your smartphone handy. Then head to the Rollit page and follow the onscreen instructions. This is part of the Chrome Experiments project.

Get Started

For best results on your smartphone, you’ll want to use the mobile version of Chrome. But according to the site, any modern mobile browser will work. On your smartphone’s browser, enter and enter the game code displayed on your computer.

Chrome Mobile Browser

For it to work, you’ll need a fairly new phone. I tried it with an older smartphone running Android 2.3, and it doesn’t work. I had no problem playing Rollit with my Nexus 7, but using a tablet is cumbersome. Anyway, this is some pretty innovative technology and something to keep an eye on moving forward. I‘m sure there are other more practical ways of using this feature other than playing games.

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