Google Set to Launch Dropbox Competitor with 5GB of Free Space

Google’s long-time rumored cloud storage sync is near it’s public debut. Thanks to a leaked screenshot we now have a basic idea of what the service will offer, and hopefully we’ll be taking it for a test drive soon.

Dropbox and Sugarsync beware, the Google empire is expanding into the desktop synced cloud storage realm. Last month a leaked screenshot revealed plans for the service. Analysts are predicting that Google Drive is set to be available at as soon as next week, possibly on the 24th.

The service will be free and appears to be launching cross-platform for Windows and Android. Google is also said to be providing an API for third party app developers.

Will you trust Google with storing your synced data? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Mike Rothman

    Austin, I’d use Google Drive in a moment. They have a great up-time record generally, and their price per megabyte for purchased storage is a fraction of Dropbox and the other competitors. On the other hand, this rumor has been in circulation for some years now, so we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks again for the interesting read. mike

  2. Chris Parsons

    Very happy with Google hosting my stuff. If it were confidential, I would encrypt or not put it there in the first place. Google seem to be seen more and more as the enemy, doing the evil they claim not to do. Not in my eyes, I think the innovation they have introduced to the web have improved its usability no end. Thank you, Google.

  3. Brian Burgess

    Yeah, I am not sure if I would use it or not. I mean, I will for tutorials and How Tos, But, I am pretty happy with Dropbox and SugarSync.

    Also, a former colleague of mine said on Google+ “I predict the service will work fine. However, every file creation, upload, modification and deletion will be automatically posted to Google+”

    If that is true…there better be a way to disable that!

    • zack

      I even like the Google+ but they are pushing too much, it’s annoying. And they still try to put my spammers to be friends of my on G+.

  4. Michael

    Will you trust Google with storing your synced data?
    Austin my answer to your question would be ‘Only to an extend’, that is, use it only for personal purpose and avoid any sensitive data. We would definitely not look further the on-premise option of SyncBlaze for our business purposes since we have complete control over our data. So the security risk is taken care by ourselves.

    • Austin Krause

      Agreed, I don’t like the idea of an advertising company having any of my sensitive data either.

      Like you said, I do think it will be useful for public documents and files.

  5. zack

    I saw a new service called, I’m just waiting for my invitation.

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