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Really, it’s not you, it’s them! – Google Outage


Normally when I’m having issues on a Google site, I check my connection, reboot, etc.. This time however it wasn’t me – it was Google!

Earlier this morning Google had issues across most of its online products including GMail, Google Drive and Google Docs. If you subscribe to Google’s App Status RSS feed you probably already knew this before I did…

App Status Page


And if you click on one of the Orange Bullets on the page, you can get a nice play-by-play update as they work to restore service.

Google Mail - Service Details

Google Incident Management Service Details

I have to commend Google for being so transparent with incidents they encounter. Often times companies try to cover up issues and play down the incidents. I believe transparency should be the norm for a business. If you communicate often and openly with your customers, you will build a relationship based on trust and in most cases, they will understand when you’re having issues. Try to cover over you failings and hide behind “excuses”, you will find only pain… especially in a world of Twitter and Facebook.

So the next time you’re having issues with a Google App, you know where to go sniffing to get up-to-the-minute updates from Google and its incident management team.

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