Where is the Galaxy Nexus, anyway?

The Galaxy Nexus is there, but not here. That’s the view of the first Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone from these United States. Despite being available in Europe for weeks now, Samsung’s official Google phone with Android 4.0 has still not officially been released in the U.S.

The latest news today is that the Galaxy Nexus is now set to be released this Thursday, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard such a song and dance–with multiple sources claiming it’s nearly certain to drop in a few days, only to be greeted with more silence from Verizon.

Heaping on another insult–the phone arrives in Australia tomorrow. No offense Aussies, but Google’s the home team here, so forgive us for feeling slighted.

Adding to the weirdness, a few lucky shoppers were able to actually snag a few of the phones from Best Buy, where some employees apparently didn’t get the memo to hold the phones back.

Chalk it all up to the inexplicable logic of the wireless carriers, leaving boxes of highly-anticipated phones sitting in warehouses and back rooms across the country while the final shopping days of the holiday season fall of the calendar…



  1. Mat Lee

    Here it is! in my hands!!!

  2. Danilo

    where is the on the xeripa mini pro???? im supossed to have but i cant find it!! can someone help me please!

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