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Free Xbox 360 for Students with a Windows PC

It looks like Microsoft will do anything in order to retain its leadership status in the console market. Even if that means literally giving away an Xbox 360.

free xbox 360 for college

After offering customers the possibility to get an Xbox 360 with Kinect for $99, now Microsoft offers it for free. Under certain terms, of course.

This is not a new offer per se, as Microsoft has done something similar last year, and just as it was last time, it is aimed at students only (you’ll have to prove your student status) and it’s just at participating dealers.

Here’s how things work. The offer is just for the US and Canada (as always, the rest of the world, is excluded), and it starts on May 20th – US and May 18th Canada.

All you have to do is to buy a qualifying Windows PC that’s priced at $699 or more (US) or $599 or more (Canada), and you’ll get a free 4GB Xbox 360 for free.

This will only work at participating dealers, so make sure you buy your PC from one of them (it would be a pity not to get the Xbox 360, too, since you’re getting the new laptop anyway).

Participating dealers in the US are Best Buy,, Fry’s Electronics,, Microsoft Stores, and For Canada, the offer is at Best Buy,, Future Shop, Staples and The Source.

The offer ends on October 8 in the US, according to its page on Newegg.

Microsoft says the Xbox 360 will help students relax after their tiring college classes. I personally think it will be the opposite – students will relax using their laptops to study between sessions of whatever games they are trying to beat.

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