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Flipboard for Android Can Now Be Yours

The iPhone grip on hipness and exclusivity has been loosening of late. First Instagram finally hopped the iOS walled garden and sprinted into the loving arms of millions of Android users, and now a Flipboard APK file is roaming the wild Android prairie — and we’ve got the scoop on how to track it down.

The Android version of this news reader’s news reader is supposed to be exclusive to the new Samsung Galaxy S III for a while, but the APK file has popped up on the XDA Developers forum and can be downloaded right now.

If you’ve got the gift of pinpoint precision on touchscreens with your fingertips, you might be able to download it directly to your Android device from the website. It might be a bit less frustrating to email it to yourself or use a cloud storage service to get it on your mobile device.

Once it’s on there, simply find the file and run it to install. You might need to tweak some settings to allow for installation of APK files not procured directly from the Google Play store (formerly known as the Android Market.)

Looks like I’ve just found a good reason to re-root my Nook Tablet. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about Flipboard – will it come to dominate on Android as it has on iOS?

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