Fan-Made Fruit Ninja Video Includes Impressive Slow-Motion Effects

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular game for mobile platforms. Now an awesome fan-made video has surfaced that shows a real-life fruit ninja to dubstep.

Halfbrick Studios has made a number of truly addictive games primarily for mobile devices with some of its more popular titles made available on console and handheld gaming devices. Out of all of Halfbrick’s games, Fruit Ninja probably takes the top spot in most gamer’s lists. Which is why a fan-made parody video of the game would do become so popular nearly overnight.

Film maker Scott DW teamed up with Halfbrick Studios — who also created Jetpack Joyride — to help create his awesome fan-made video, even creating his own dubstep track to be used in the video.

As you’ll see in the video (below), the Fruit Ninja can be seen riding through a forest to meet up with his Sensei in order to help train him for the battle with endless fruit he’s about to experience. We find it extremely ironic the Fruit Ninja is a tad on the heavy side, since, you know, he hates fruit so much he cuts them up into tiny pieces. Although at some point in the fan-made video, the Fruit Ninja can be seen cutting a Twinkie, which we think is a huge mistake.

A number of fruit can be seen flying across the Fruit Ninja’s way with oranges, bananas, pineapples and watermelons all see the wrath of his blade. A number of bombs even make their way across the Fruit Ninja, which we hope for his sake weren’t real. The Fruit Ninja even accidentally swings at one of the bombs, to which we can see his immediate regret in doing so.

Many of the shots were done in slow motion, which shows just how impressive his skills are. The addition of dubstep into the video add another layer of awesomeness. What makes the video even more great is the surprise twist at the end of it, which we won’t spoil for you, but trust us when we say it’s worth finishing the video for.

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