Facebook’s Zuckerberg: A Look Back, IPO Moves Forward

It wasn’t so long ago that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seemed like a nervous teenager on stage with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at an All Things D interview. Today the company is expected to make its Initial Public Offering (IPO) – valued at about $90 billion, at $38-$40 per share.

For more on the Facebook IPO, check out this infographic.

Update: It’s finally official. After staying up all night and day scouring the media, Gina Smith – aNewDomain founder and groovyPost EIC Brian Burgess have confirmed the Facebook IPO is Official.




  1. Steve Krause

    If everything goes through as planned, Mark will become the 4th Richest American.

    1 – Bill Gates – Age 55 – Net Worth $60B – (Microsoft)
    2 – Warren Buffett – Age 81 – Net Worth $40B -(Berkshire Hathaway)
    3 – Larry Ellison – Age 67 – Net Worth $33B – (Oracle)
    4 – Mark Zuckerberg – Age 27 – Net Worth $28B – 30B (Facebook)

    Not bad…

  2. Mat Lee

    Man that is one sweaty Zuck. I guess according to the song, more money, more problems, he’s about to have one HECK of a life. Good luck Zuck!

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