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Recently Facebook announced its new Graph Search feature. I was lucky enough to get in the beta program, and here’s a look what what you can expect.

A little more than a week ago, Facebook announced Graph Search, a new method of navigating the connections made between Facebook users and for finding new connections. I was lucky enough to get in the program after signing up for the beta, and here’s what I’ve seen with it so far.

Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search Beta

When you’ll get it, you’ll get a notification at the top of your Facebook page and you’ll be able to turn it on and see a quick tour.

Graph Search enable

After the tour, the first thing you’ll notice is that the top bar of Facebook pages is larger, looking something like this.

Graph Search interface change

Once you click that area (a highlighted search bar wouldn’t have hurt), a list will appear under it. It allows you to search for a bunch of categories, like your friends, friends’ photos, Restaurants nearby, Games your friends play, and music or photos that they’ve liked.

Graph Search clicked

Here’s where the fun begins. If you decide to just go with the flow, you can scroll through these categories and hit the Tab key when you find something interesting. Depending on your list of friends, you’ll get various suggestions to go forward. I tried “Music my friends like” and got another list of possible connections, like Music my friends who like Bandsintown listen to.

Graph Search music my friends like

I’ve also learned never to see what music my friends like, or I’ll end up not being friends with some of them anymore. But I digress…

Graph Search music result

Once you get the results page, you’ll notice it provides the ability to refine the search results. They’re on the right. An interesting thing is that if you press Tab too much, you could end up with some really strange results like: “Music my friends friends of mine work with who listen to…”

Graph Search music stupid

You can also search for connections, like friends who went to your school, or friends who like certain sports, movies, etc. You can also use it to search for whatever you want on the web, as it works for that, too. Those results are powered by Bing.

Graph Search web

Microsoft’s Bing search is already integrated in Facebook’s web search, and has been for quite some time already. In fact, Bing uses Facebook data for its own social search. But the partnership should produce a better unified experience.

Facebook Bing

Remember this is the beta of the new Graph Search feature, and as time goes by, the service should become more useful. As well as provide cool power searching tricks.

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