Ebay Being Revamped, Adds Same Day Delivery

Ebay is reinventing itself, with a new Pinterest-inspired look. What’s more impressive is “Ebay Now” which touts same-day delivery of purchased items.

Ebay is reinventing itself, with a new Pinterest-inspired look. There’s also a new logo and some interesting new features. In order for users to get an idea of what all of this means to them, Ebay has created a page that explains it all and shows some examples.

The auction giant will now include a feature called Feed, which will show your favorite stuff on a single page. The new single page is quite similar to Pinterest. This new personalized Feed will be present on your homepage. It will also offer up suggested products based on your past purchases and searches — similar to what Amazon already does.

The new design also favors product information and profiles become more social, so you can share your shopping with other users. The social part was something to be expected, since every possible service seems to be heading in that direction lately.

Another interesting service the company is trying out is a same-day delivery service called Ebay Now. It’s currently being tested in San Francisco and the idea is you purchase an item from a local store and it’s delivered to you the same day! 

This is quite an undertaking and an obvious attempt to compete with Amazon…which is also experimenting with same-day delivery. If you are in San Francisco, you can download the iPhone app now and give the service a try.

If you live in SF and have tried out Ebay Now, please leave a comment and let us know how it went. For the rest of us, we can at least check out the new interface and features.


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