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Dropbox Doubles Free Space Referral Bonus for All Accounts

Dropbox Free Space

Dropbox, one of my favorite free file sync and cloud backup services announced today that they have increased the referral bonus cap on free accounts from 10.25 gigs up to 16 gigs. The referral bonus for each person you get to sign up was also doubled to 500 meg.

Pro accounts were also shown the love. Each referral now earns you 1 gig of free space up to a max of 32 gigs of free space. Top top off the good news with a cherry, the bonuses are retroactive so depending on how many people you’ve referred in the past, you might already be maxed out (I was…).

dropbox increases referral bonus to 16gb

To start building up your Dropbox account with free referral bonuses, just login to the Dropbox website and click the Get Free Space Link
Click Get Free Space

Copy the highlighted text as shown below then start sharing it manually or automatically using Twitter, Facebook or email.

Dropbox Referral Links

To check how much storage you’ve earned from your Dropbox referrals, Click the Referral Status tab from the Dropbox website.

Check dropbox referral status

Despite the referral status showing that I’ve maxed out my account (first screenshot above), it appears it might be a few days for the new limits to kick in. I say this because looking at the Account info page on my account, it shows that I’m still capped at the old 10.25 Gig limit.

Dropbox account status

Hello? Dropbox? Show me the love baby!

The timing of this announcement is interesting based on the recent rumors that Google is getting close to releasing their own cloud storage and syncing service. Honestly, I personally don’t care much as to the why but it does go to show that a little competition is never bad for the consumer (usually…).

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2 Responses to Dropbox Doubles Free Space Referral Bonus for All Accounts

  1. Austin Krause April 3, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    Excellent! Mine also shows as maxed out but I’m only able to use 11.25 GB of space so far. I wonder if they’ll add in the extra few GB of space I received from participating in their special events.

  2. Brian Burgess April 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

    I already have the 10GB account plan. This is cool news though. I wish SugarSync was as easy and intuitive as Dropbox.

    But, I have far more space in SugarSync so I can deal with it 🙂

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