Digsby Goes Open-Source – Is There an Upside?

Digsby, a popular multi-chat messenger client has announced it will be going open-source. Here’s the details.

Digsby, one of the most popular multi-messenger clients available has announced it’s going open-source. How does this affect users? Let’s take a look.

digsby open source

Although most things a lot of us know and love about the Multi-Chat Client Digsby will remain the same, the largest thing changing about the service is that it will no longer be hosting users config data on centralized Digsby servers. Personally, I’m a little torn about this. On one side I loved the fact I could login once, set things up and moving forward any PC I login to, as long as I used the same user ID and PW all my settings would be applied auto-magically. That being said, I think things are a little more private since Digsby won’t be holding onto any of my data moving forward. You never know after-all exactly what Digsby might have been storing about me in addition to my config. Usage patters? Chat logs? hmm…

Not a big deal overall since I can just use the portable version and Dropbox so to do pretty much the same thing. If you don’t know how to use Portable Apps from your Dropbox, here’s how to do it.

Another plus I’m looking forward to with Digsby going open source is all the new community development which will no doubt be taking place. Although I’ll admit I liked them just the way they were…

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