Desktop Optimization Pack 2007 available for download

Desktop Optimization Pack 2007 (MDOP) is now available for download by Select/EA customers on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Site. For those of you who have licensed the Windows desktop OS on Software Assurance or have Enterprise Agreements, the MDOP 2007 is a very nice upgrade compared to the previous Desktop Optimization Pack 1.1, which was released earlier in the year. I did some checking, and for most customers with a Select/EA agreement, the additional SA for MDOP 2007 is ~ $6.00 per desktop. Not bad considering the great tools which are included.The download is 490MB in size. The 2007 version of MDOP includes:

The download is 490MB in size. The 2007 version of MDOP includes:

  1. SoftGrid 4.2 for Desktops with Windows Vista/Office 2007 compatibility
  2. Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset 5.0
  3. System Center Desktop Error Monitoring 1.0
  4. Advanced Group Policy Management

The last remaining component, Asset Inventory Services, is slated to go to Beta sometime this month. When I get some time, I’ll be writing up a detailed “how to” for each of the products. So far, I’m very impressed.

Visit to download – assuming you have been authorized for access to the site by your company.

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