How to Create Netflix Profiles, Now with Android Support

The Netflix profiles management feature for subscribers was introduced back in August of this year and the Android app now supports them. Here’s a look.

Netflix introduced its user profiles management feature for subscribers back in August of this year at no extra charge. That means everyone in your household can maintain a list of the shows each person likes to watch. This is a great feature if everyone in your home has different tastes in programming. While this was great news for some, not all platforms were capable of the feature – like Android.

Netflix Users

This weekend the Netflix app on Android was updated to support multiple user profiles. This comes on the heels of a major TV makeover of Netflix last month on devices like Roku and Xbox.

New Netflix TV Experience_US

How to Set Up Netflix Profiles

If you’ve never used the profiles feature, here’s a look at how to set it up. Log in to your Netflix account on your computer or tablet via its browser – there isn’t an ability to manage profiles on all devices, like the Roku, for example. Select your profile in the upper right corner, then click Manage Profiles.

Manage Netflix Profiles

Here you can add up to five Netflix profiles. Type in their user name and check whether it’s a profile for a kid under 12 or not. This allows them only to see content that is appropriate for children.

adding Profile

After you add them, you can change their Netflix profile character and manage accounts.

profile character

The process is straightforward, and when you open the Netflix app on an Android device, tap the menu on the upper left and the profile to switch out.

Netflix Android

Then select the person who’s using the device and tap their profile.

Android Profiles

One of the cool things with this feature being added to Android devices is, if you have a Chromecast, individuals can watch what they like on the big screen.

What’s your take? Do you like the ability to add profiles to your Netflix account and now on Android?

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